GGD #5: Olympic Gold

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It’s official- we’re going for gold next month! The next Girl Geek Dinner will be at CB2 on Thursday 9th August, kicking off from 7:30pm. Featuring the bistro’s famous buffet, lovely wine and a special guest speaker giving their own geek girl story! This month we are joined by Cong Cong Bo, director of TEDxCam and entrepreneur in the field of medicine. Be there or be left at the starting blocks!

If you would like to come, leave a comment, send us a message on Twitter (@ggdcambridge) or email girlgeekdinnerscambridge at gmail dot com. The meal and wine costs £20 which you can pay in cash on the day.

Until the 9th, ladies!

L x


August: A fresh start, an Olympic effort

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Hello ladies!


Well, it’s been a very eventful few months at GGD Towers. Our founder, the lovely Kelly, has moved to sunnier climes in the name of making the games industry even more awesome. But that doesn’t mean the end of GGD! In fact, there will be another dinner in August at our firm favourite venue, CB2; we just need to know when the most people are free for it. It’s looking like either the first or the last week of the month, and it’s the usual drill- heaps of the best buffet dinner in town, a splash of wine, and lots of lovely geek girls to have a natter and network with, all for the bargainous price of £20!

Any questions, give us a shout in the comments here, on our Twitter account @ggdcambridge, or on our Facebook page which we can add you to. And if you’d like to speak at one of our dinners, even just to tell us a bit about your own geek story, we’d love to have you. Previous speakers have included Kelly Vero (our Grand High Leader :P), Claire Blackshaw (former Jagex-er and all round talented lady!) and Laura James (founder of Cambridge Makespace). Drop us a line here, on Twitter, or email girlgeekdinnerscambridge at gmail dot com.

Signing off on this vaguely sunny Friday,

Laura x

Be Here Now. or January 27th

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Girl Geek Dinner Cambridge #3? Wow – the tension sure is hotting up!



Come and hang with us for the night. £20 for food and drinks (and the food is to die for!)

We’ve booked the table – we’ve almost got a speaker – all we need is for you to show up. Upstairs in the library at CB2. We’re waiting….

Come Out and Play!

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Look what we did! Hee hee hee!

You can get onto eventbrite and buy tickets from them for our event on 30th.

Did you know that the wonderful Claire Blackshaw is our first speaker? She’s going to be talking about “Diversity of Experience, not Status”. Why don’t you drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to see at future events, hell, I might even do a talk!


Register for Girl Geek Dinners Cambridge #1 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire  on Eventbrite

We Are Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

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When I started this a few days ago, I thought that it would be a handful of women in Cambridge who are hooked on technology and wanted to get together! How wrong was I? It looks as though we’re going to have a mammoth bash at the end of September and we’re gonna need some help. I’m looking for a good inaugural speaker. This person (m/f) should be:

  • Successful in their field
  • Entertaining / Informative
  • Cheap! (we’ve got lo/no budget over here)

I’m eager to hear suggestions and will source anything I think is for the benefit of us as a local movement!

Please feel free to make suggestions – anything is welcome!

Hello Girl Geeks Everywhere… in Cambridge!

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We have arrived!

Our first dinner is confirmed for end of September! But who will be our speaker? Volunteers please!