GGD 14- Set a date with us!

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Lovely ladies!

The next GGD, as chosen by your poll results, will be on Wednesday 30th October at Hidden Rooms. We normally book a booth but we will only do this if numbers justify it, otherwise we’ll just turn up on the night. Please let us know if you can make it in a comment here or on Facebook, on Twitter @ggdcambridge, or by mail at girlgeekdinnerscambridge at gmail dot com. We will make the booking if we have at least 8 confirmed on Friday 18th October.

Hidden Rooms provide a member’s discount of 50% on Wednesdays, so sign up on the website- it’s free! Food can be ordered from Pizza Express. Please note that if we book a booth we are required to place a £50 deposit which is used as an initial bar tab- this comes out of our pockets, so contributions are welcome! (We had a member who came to a previous event here, ordered lots of drinks, said she’d ‘forgotten’ to bring money and left without paying anything back. She’s now an ex-member; we don’t want a repeat of this!)

Over the next few weeks we’ll be contacting all GGD members via Facebook, Twitter and email to find out if there is still a large enough number of you interested in coming to events, or whether it’s time to scale things down a bit. Our members are what keeps us going, and turnout has been very disappointing this year; we hope you will get out and spread the word, and come out of winter hibernation!

Your GGD wrangler x


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