GGD- (Virtual) Parish Meeting!

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Ladies! It’s time to plan the next GGD meetup, now that we know Ichiro does the tastiest mochi in town! We didn’t get many responses to the last dinner, and with over 100 people in the group we’d like to know if there’s maybe a better way of reaching you all than a place you might not check very often.

Currently there’s the Facebook group, a Twitter account and a WordPress blog. Other places that we could consider contacting potential guests on might include Livejournal/Dreamwidth, specific organisation forums, mailing lists or good old-fashioned paper (flyers/posters). Any suggestions as to what you might prefer?

If we expand the number of guests enough, it might also be good to consider corporate sponsors to subsidise the cost of food and drink. I know some of our ladies feel priced out of some venues we use, so any way we could bring the cost down would be great. Again, any leads you might have are most welcome and will go in the giant spreadsheet of doom!

We’ll take any suggestions on board before polling for the next dinner dates. GGDs are only a success if we have your support, and without it we wouldn’t have much of a network of great ladies. Please offer up your thoughts below or on the Twitter @ggdcambridge, and your chief GGD wrangler will process them over a large gin and tonic x


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