GGD #6- Something Different…

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Morning ladies!

Now that the author’s wedding chaos has died down, it’s time to signal boost the Facebook post about GGD 6, planned for this Friday 19th October. We’re trying something a little different this time by changing venue; this is partly for variety, and partly as some ladies have mentioned they would come but the current venue is a bit too expensive.

We’re trying to get a room in Churchill College, where we could have a lovely three course meal at £12 a head, BYOB (but we could charge a little more and yours truly will round up some vino…). The minimum is 12 people, and we have 8 definites so far. Come on ladies, let’s make it happen since we didn’t have a dinner last month!

If we can’t get the numbers this Friday, let us know by blog Twitter or FB what dates are better and I’ll see what my lovely Churchillian can organise. And there’s always Hidden Rooms for cocktails. Show of hands?

UPDATE: We’ve moved to our old venue CB2 off East Road at 7:30 on Friday, so that’s the biggest buffet in town and wine for £20 a head. Party animal geek girls are encouraged to stay for drinks afterwards at the Snug. Let me know if you can come ASAP. We are always looking for guest speakers too, so if you’d like to say a few words about your geeky story or know someone who might, drop a line in the comments, on the Facebook group or on Twitter @ggdcambridge 🙂



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